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This is me - Girish Godage

"Here I will talk about myself in the third person."

Girish Godage, Experienced change management professional with successful track record of delivering high-profile, complex change programs in IT Application & Infrastructure. Vast practical knowledge of how to drive engagement and implement change that meets best practice goals and maximizes ROI. Areas of expertise and passions include strategy, business transformation, governance, process and organizational design, program, and project management.

Languages and Tools


  • Angular,Blazor,Asp.net MVC,Razor
  • EJS
  • Javascript
  • HTML/CSS/SASS,Jekyll


  • NodeJS
  • .Net,Java,Python,Ruby
  • SQL Server,Oracle,MySQL,PostgreSql
  • MongoDB,Sqlite3


  • AI,Machine Learning
  • SOA,Micro-services
  • AWS, Microsoft Azure, Heroku
  • Version Control - TFS,Git, BitBucket



I'm a passionate python coder. I like to code on my free time. I have created few repositories on github, which I made using Python language. One of them include a Tweeter Sentitment to CSV . I like to code in a short and sweet way.


I developed websites with Angular and WebAPI(.net C#,java,Node). This Website is made With HTML and CSS.


I am a Passionate Designing & thinking of Web and Mobile application too. I Love to use my skills and experience to design and devloped application for various Industry.



Many businesses spend thousands of dollars on websites and Mobile apps only to find out later that their goals aren’t being met and their business hasn’t grown as expected. I’ll help you identify the business goals behind your project and deliver a solution that not only looks great, but helps your business grow beyond what you invest. through my consultancy services.

App Development

Your Web app ,Mobile app or system is fundamental to the success of your business. Whether it’s an internal software tool that empowers your employees to do their job effectively or the platform your users engage with on a daily basis, your product can help your business grow toward success or decline into failure.A strategically designed product can save your employees hours of time each week by making tasks more efficient, help your platform grow by engaging more users, or simplify tasks that make the users work easier and more intuitive.


We provides professional Software Maintenance & Support for our Custom Software Solutions as well as for most software systems and applications developed by third parties. We have evolved a mature and well-defined application support and maintenance process that allows us to effectively and efficiently capture the application environment as well as the business activity.

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My work

I have worked on dozens of projects so I have picked only the latest for you.


Tweeter Sentiment

Search for Tweets and download the data...

Search for Tweets and download the data labeled with it's Polarity in CSV format.

Visit website View on Github


MEAN Stack EMP CRUD application

MEAN- Mango,Express,Angular and Nodejs web Application demonstraing Simple CRUD(Create,Read,Update Delete) operation on Mongo database for the employees collecation.

Visit website View on Github

Persoanl Blog Website

Personal Blog Website developed in Jekyll

Personal Blog Website developed in Jekyll (ruby framework) and integation with google firebase DB.

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Story Book App

MEAN Story Blog.

MEAN Story Blog application with google Authentication.

Visit website View on Github

Ecommerce Platform

MEAN stack Web Application

This project portrays a simple ecommerce platform designed from the MEAN full stack aplication which is an e-commerce platform,it uses the API that handles Management of the shop functionality.

Visit website View on Github

Fast Food Restaurant App

Fast Food Restaurant App devloped in Android Platform

Fast Food Restaurant App devloped in Android Platform and backed with .net API with SQL Server

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Help Desk WebApp

This app is created as Helpdesk or ticket support portal.

A web app showing the capabilities of ASP.NET Core 2 MVC, EF (Entity Framework), Web API, etc...This app is created as Helpdesk or ticket support portal.

Business Process - Ticket , Comment , Attachment , Task , Feed , Knowledge Base , Customer , Contact, Product, Agent, Engineer

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Video Idea App

MEAN Auth and CRUD

Demonstate MEAN Authentication and CRUD Opration with this App.

Visit website View on Github

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